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We’re a dog-oriented site, by dog lovers for dog lovers! myDoggySocial is a site with a free mobile dog app where you can view dog related content and connect with other dog owners! Want to read dog news and dog care tips or advice? Just want to see dog photos or videos? Want to socialize with your dog? Excited about a new puppy, or grieving over a lost one? Or just want to talk about your pooch? This app is for you!


Share Your Love of Your Dog, Meet People Like You!

This dog app is for everything dog related! It’s not just a place where you build superficial connections. It’s a way to make meaningful connections and build a network of like minded individuals who share common interests without squabbling over politics, religion and other depressingly divisive topics that can cloud your conventional newsfeeds – it is a place to bond and get a breath of fresh air and puppy fur in your face!

Dog Business or Service? Don’t have a giant advertising budget? You can easily create events to promote your products and sales via a pin on a map, so dog lovers close by can quickly find you at a glance.

Share Images, Share Videos, Share Stories

Find and follow dogs you like. Post images and content about your furry friend.

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Download Free Mobile App on Google Play

Your Friend, Online, With You

Every dog is different. The way they act, play and eat. How do they interact with you? Are they cuddly? Are they a couch potato? Maybe they're a highly trained military or police dog? Share your stories!

What's Your Dog's Personality Like?


Cuddly dogs that just want to jump on a couch and snuggle up with you.


Someone rings a doorbell, they are in for a barking surprise!


Pups who enjoy the outdoors with runs, and walks, and park visits.


Pretty, pampered pupper, who love being groomed and beautiful.


Happy Dog Lovers

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I love posting photos and seeing other dogs of my breed!

I thought my dog was the only goof ball!

It's nice to find an app that only focuses on dogs.

What's Your Dog's MOST Like?

Do Dogs Love Us? Do they see us as part of their pack?

Most dog lovers look at our dogs not just as dogs, but as part of the family. But do dogs look at us as part of their dog pack? Do they think we are some kind of weird dog member? Or do they realize that we are a separate species? If so, why do they become so crazy happy to see us when we return home? Dogs became domesticated about 10,000 to 15,000 years ago, but they are all descendants of a common wolf-like ancestor. Some scientists believe that friendly wolves sought out humans (rather ...
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