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10 Easy Ways To Get Fit With Your Dog!

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Dogs need exercise – depending on the breed, some need a lot more than others. You will benefit from the exercise as well, especially if you’ve been stuck sitting at a desk for hours at school or work! Here are some easy ways to tire out your pooch and work your body out:

  1. Regular, brisk walks: 30 minute walks, five days a week, does wonders for a chubby dog. Start out at a brisk pace for about 10 minutes without stopping, then take a more leisurely 20 minute, hydrant-sniffing-allowed walk back home. Increase the brisk walking minutes each week and work your way to two half hour walks per day (with about 15 – 20 minutes at a brisk walking pace)
  2. Running: If there’s anything dogs love more than walking, it’s running. This is perfect for dogs who are at a healthy weight. Be sure to stop and give them water – some dogs can keep going until they collapse.
  3. Take an exercise class with your dog: There are K9 Fit Clubs that offer special classes across the country for pets and their peeps. You can even do exercises with your dog from the comfort of your own home.
  4. Take a hike: There’s nothing better to clear your mind than to go hiking with some pals who also have dogs. Join a dog group that meets up every week in your city and head on out. Even better, create one yourself and see who shows up. A mountain trail trek provides the perfect combination of exercise and relaxation as you trek and take in the beauty of nature.
  5. Bicycling: Biking with your dog is awesome for your dog or downright scary. Start slow and get them used to the idea. Make sure your dog is comfortable with the concept – take them around parks where they can see other people riding bicycles and then slowly introduce your dog to your own bicycle. Once you start taking rides with your dog by your side, you’ll have a tired-out and extremely satisfied pooch in no time.
  6. Swimming: Some dogs hate water, and others take to it like a fish. You’ll have to have a water-loving dog before you take the plunge on this one. It’s especially beneficial for older dogs, as it won’t stress their older joints. Be cautious with the amount of activity and time spent in the water – your dog may not be able to tell you that its tired and can easily sink right in. For ultimate safety, fit your pup with a canine life jacket.
  7. Playing Fetch: Throwing a Frisbee or a ball for your dog to catch is great, but an even better idea is to throw the ball and then start running in the opposite direction as your dog runs towards you – it will encourage your pooch to chase after you and is a good opportunity for you both to get some exercise.
  8. Make a friend: If you don’t have a dog but would love to walk or run with one, there are plenty of dogs at your local shelter who would love to get out and play or exercise with you. Stop by your local shelter and see if they will allow you to take a dog for a walk, or ask a local pet shop. (Or download our app and see if anyone has a dog who needs a walk or a buddy to walk their dog with)
  9. Do some yoga with your dog: Yes, “Doga” or Dog Yoga, is a thing. It is a stress-relieving way of getting your dog into your yoga practice – using them as weights and props throughout the class for added exercise).
  10. Stand up paddle board: Stand up paddle boarding is a fun way to cross-train outside of a gym and works 58 different muscles since it takes a lot of balance to stay standing on moving water. Your dog will have fun standing on the board with you.

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