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Border Collie saves Chihuahua from car!

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Dogs are amazing. And Border Collies are among the smartest breeds. When this Border Collie saw that her Chihuahua friend was in potential danger, she bolted forward and grabbed the Chihuahua by the neck. She then ran out of the way, carrying her friend to safety.

Border Collies are fun, energetic dogs that love problem-solving! They are a working dog breed, and can trace their lineage back to one dog – Old Hemp (born in 1893). Old Hemp’s herding method was quieter and less aggressive than other dogs of his kind, yet got results that impressed breeders. Old Hemp became a stud dog and went on to father over 200 pups!

10 Facts About Border Collies

  • Border Collies live up to 12 years
  • They’re furry geniuses. Bred to be independent problem solvers, they are recognized as one of the smartest dog breeds and are capable of solving complex tasks.
  • They are great search and rescue dogs, and are champion herders.
  • A Border Collie named Chaser is widely recognized as the world’s most intelligent dog, knowing the names of more than 1000 objects.
  • Border Collies need lots of activity to prevent boredom, or else they will misbehave
  • They usually weigh between 30 – 25 lbs.
  • Border Collies are known to be extremely sensitive to their owner’s feelings
  • Border Collies can be reserved and shy with strangers
  • Border Collies are ideal for children. They are obedient, organized and loyal dogs.
  • Border Collies derived their name from the region they were bred in – the border country of England and Scotland. They were bred for intelligence, agility and the ability to herd livestock.

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