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DYI PVC Outdoor Dog Shower – Create your own at-home doggy shower

2018-07-06 13_54_45-DIY PVC Outdoor dog Shower - YouTube
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DYI PVC Outdoor Dog Shower: Ever had a tough time bathing your dog in your tub? By the time you’re done, there’s water and fur everywhere and you have cleaning up to do. If the weather’s warm out and you feel like giving your dog a relaxing spa-like doggy shower experience then take a look at this video by DIY Creators.

They’ve included plans and a list of the materials you need in order to complete the project yourself.

Parts Required:

42.5 W X 33.5 H X 33.5 W

(8) 3 way elbow

(1) ¾ Hose swivel adapter

(1) ¾ 45 elbow

(1) Hose cut off

(3) ¾ tee

(5) 10 foot PVC

8 cut to 31 inches

3 cut to 40 inches

1 cut to 39.5 inches

1 cut to 36.5 inches

1 cut to 2.25 inches

1 cut to 1.75 inches

PVC Cutter:

Of course, there are many other options available if you’re not quite a do-it-yourself person and would rather just purchase a ready made doggy shower. One of them being “The Dog Shower” An automatic dog washing system. That’s right, it is automatic, and mixes the shampoo into the water for you, with a handheld scrubby brush and pet treat bowl connected to it.


If you’d like to opt for a more low tech, relaxed version, there’s the Woof Washer 360:

Got a double-coated dog? Read on for grooming tips by clicking here.

How's bath time for you and your pooch? Got recommendations? Comment:



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