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Dogs are the best people!

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Belinda Richards is an Australian photographer who absolutely loves dogs. So much so, that she created a series of images using dogs that comment on contemporary issues such as feminism, world politics, patriarchy, social hierarchy and current trends. Her photos are insightful, creative and imaginative.

Richards is a prize winning photographer. She is also the founder of the Dogs Are The Best People project, which shows that dogs, like people, have unique personalities. She’s turned over 500 photos of animals into art, capturing their relatable expressions and reactions to different noise and words. The image of hers below reminds us of an old man grumbling about some loud noisy neighbours.

There’s some bunnies and cats thrown in there for good measure. The photos are amusing, cuddle-inducing and give us the warm and fuzzies – mostly because the dogs are so doggone sticking cute!

Check out her website here:


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