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Dog attack at elementary school leaves 12 children injured

dog attack at Oklahoma elementary
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Dog attack at elementary school: A dog went through an open gate at an Oklahoma elementary school and attacked several children on the playground. Several students at Fillmore Elementary School were bitten, according to a twitter post by the Oklahoma City Public Schools. Five of the children were transported to hospital, and seven others were picked up by their parents.

Fire officials said 28 children in 3rd and 4th grades and 3 teachers were on the playground when the brown and white dog showed up. The dog attack lasted about five minutes before the animal was restrained.

None of the injuries were critical. Those bitten had superficial dog bites, and other children who attempted to run away had escape injuries.

The dog was a pitbull mix. “Dog came on and started to attack some of the kids, and of course kids began to scream and panic, which excites the dog and scared the dog even more,” Capt. David Macy with the Oklahoma City Fire Department stated to news reporters. “His natural instinct was to keep biting and go after the kids.”

The dog got into the school but a teacher, Special Ed teacher Lee Huges, tackled him before he got into any classrooms. “I’m used to being able to do what needs to be done. It just worked out real well.” he stated modestly. “He’s our hero,” Fillmore Principal Susan Martin Rachels told The Oklahoman.

Some of the children described the scary moments: “I saw these two girls getting bit, and I was by them. And then the pit bull tripped me and then it bit me where, like, I always scratch myself.” said one child. Children reported being knocked over and stepped on by other children in the ensuing panic. “A bunch of kids were just running because they were scared. A lot of kids were bitten…”

No teachers were injured in the attack. The gates to the playground are apparently always left open, which is a district-wide problem, not one just specific to Fillmore.

The dog is in the custody of the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare. It is unclear who owns the dog. Animal control is currently investigation to find out who the dog belongs to.




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