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Doggy Delights by Allison Dog Treats Company headed by entrepreneur with Down Syndrome.

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Doggy Delights by Allison LLC is a dog treat company owned by 27 year old Allison Fogarty. Her home-baked treats were gobbled up by our dogs, who were especially fond of her Chicken & Rice Delights and Salmon training treats.

The young lady has overcome many hurdles in her life journey – she was born with Down syndrome, Tracheo-Esophageal Fistula and laryngeal cleft. There was a two year period in her life when she couldn’t eat or drink except through a feeding tube. She had a trach for 23 years, and got a g-tube when she was 11 years old. She moved from Illinois (where she was involved with the UPS for DownS organization – United Parent Support for Down Syndrome) to Florida a few years ago and now owns her own business due to help from The Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida (DSACF) when they began their first Entrepreneur Academy teaching business startup and problem solving skills. Allison is one of 12 CEOS in the Academy.

Allison’s mother thought that these difficulties with eating and drinking would turn her off of seeing food, but surprisingly, Allison became obsessed with cooking shows. Her ultimate idol was Rachel Ray, who inspired Allison to nurture her own passion for food and cooking. Allison has even been featured on the Rachael Ray show. She’s also aired on The Ted Show, Orlando 60, WKMG Channel 6, and Good Day Xtra Channel 35.


The myDoggySocial team had a chance to review the dog treats after one of our members received an huge box from a neighbor as a gift. The treats are well packaged and come in an assortment of flavors and shapes. We highly recommend the Combination Delights , which include Chicken & Rice, Peanut Butter, Sweet Potato and Pumpkin flavors. They use no salt and no sugar, making them a healthy option for your pups. They’re sure to make your dogs happy and make a wonderful and thoughtful gift for anyone who has recently welcomed a new puppy or dog into their home. You can order online through their website (, have them home-delivered, or find them at their FL farmer’s market on Sunday mornings.

myDoggySocial Team Member Approved dog treats

A personal hand-written note by Allison’s mom was included in the dog package, introducing Allison and their business. Without a doubt, the support, determination and dedication of Allison’s mom has taken Doggy Delights by Allison to where it is today. Order some dog treats today and give them a shout out on their Facebook page!


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