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Don’t worry, Glitter Dog Balls are not actually a trend

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A viral photo going around currently has people mistakenly believing that glittery, blue testicles on dogs are now a trend. Don’t worry, it isn’t.

Three weeks ago, the facebook page Groomery Foolery, a self described ‘groomer humor page’ made by groomers for groomers, posted a photo of an intact male dog with glittery, blue testicles. The glitter used was edible cake glitter and corn syrup was used to help stick it on.

Soon thereafter, the photo went viral, appearing on another page for the Royal Paws Pet Salon, and in several articles claiming that it was now a trend for owners to put glitter on their dog’s balls.

People were quick to express their disgust and outrage, while others stated it was a harmless joke.

Excerpt from “Jordan Burns, a professional groomer from Louisville, Kentucky, told PEOPLE that the public has it wrong, and this is not in fact a trend. She knows because the dog with the glittery, blue testicles in the now-viral photo is her 2-year-old standard poodle Valo.”

According to Burns, who is also a dog breeder and shows fully health-tested standard poodles, the photo was meant to be a one-time joke and not a serious proposal for a future trend in dog styling. She stressed that this should not be a grooming trend, especially after receiving quite a bit of backlash online.

“I actually didn’t do it for the grooming community. It was a joke between other breeders,” Burns explained. “We get a lot of backlash for having intact dogs and someone made a joke that we should start glittering our dogs’ balls to make them even more noticeable. So I thought a pet expo would be a great way to jokingly test that out. I have received some backlash and wanted to say that I would never put my dogs in harm’s way or mistreat them ”


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