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Drunk neighbor stumbles into wrong house, caught napping with 150 pound mastiff

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Milwaukee homeowner, Lynn Sarver, and her roommate, Elise Diskerud, woke up in their own home on New Year’s morning and found Sarver’s 150 lbs mastiff sleeping as usual on his dog bed. The dog is so large that he sleeps on a twin mattress. However, this time, he was not alone. The dog was sleeping atop an unknown man in the dog bed.

The intruders shoes, money, glasses and wallet were nearby. Sarver and her roommate had fallen asleep on their sofa while watching TV, just a few feet from the dog and its bed.

“I was a little disoriented to see that because he kind of looked like maybe he was my son, but my son was out of town,” Sarver told WTMJ. “We went into the kitchen, she grabbed a knife and we called 911.”

“When we realized it wasn’t her son we were kind of freaked out,” Diskerud told CBS58. “Who is this person? This stranger walked in our house while we were sleeping.”

The cops woke the heavily intoxicated man and sent the 24 year old man home, two doors down where he lives with his mother. The man apologized profusely and stated that he doesn’t remember a single thing that happened. Sarver did not press charges.


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