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Most adorable game of fetch with dog over fence

dog fetch fence
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Love playing a game of fetch with a dog? A tall wooden fence is no match for a toddler and a dog who want to play ball. Erin Richter’s video has gone viral, with the video having been viewed over 2 million times within a few days.

The dog’s name is Dozer, and in the video he can be seen not only running to fetch the ball thrown by the adorable little boy, but also popping his head over the fence so as to throw it right back!

The family, who live in Minnesota, never thought that it would be such a sensational video. “We think it is so crazy the video is getting so much attention because we play catch every day with Dozer so this is our normal!! But we love that it is making everyone smile.”

Even cuter is an older video showing the pair playing fetch when the little boy, named Landon, was just a tiny little guy who could barely throw the ball over.


This is sure to be a lifelong friendship between the two.



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