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Funny Dog Snaps – Part 2 – Need a chuckle?

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Feeling down or in the mood for something lighthearted? What’s better than photos of dogs up to their regular antics? If you’re in the mood for some doggy delight, here are some funny dog snaps to lighten to your mood:

1. Doggy Wisdom.

This pooch looks like he has reached his zen zone. He’s one with the ball.

Funny Dog Photo

2. Engage!

This little guy is moving faster than the speed of light. Warp speed isn’t just for Captain Picard and his crew.

Dog Photo

3. Two heads are better than one. Funny or Weird?

Well, this is weird.

Dog Photo

4. Will he swirl clockwise or counterclockwise?

Big brothers, they always take it out on the little guy.

Dog Photo

5. Grit.

The number one trait required for success in life is grit. Pulling through anything with a happy demeanor, this guy is going places.

Dog Photo

6. Kinda looks like Popeye

I’m strong to the finish, ’cause I eats me Spinach!

Dog Photo

u/ohhellobitch / Via

7. Whatchuwant?

Can’t creep up on this little dude.

Dog Photo

8. I has been restrained.

He doesn’t look too impressed at having been chained down.

Dog Photo

9. You want some of this?

Don’t mess with this little guy. He’ll mess you up.

Dog Photo

10. It’ll never last

Poor guy. When he becomes friends with that cat, he can look back on this as a funny memory.

Dog Photo

11. Is okay, I is here for you. We get through this together.

How cute is this? These doggos are perfect role models for friendship and brotherhood.

Dog Photo

12. They finally met their match on the myDoggySocial App.

This right here is the perfect dinner date or coffee buddy, wouldn’t you say?

Dog Photo

13. This dog is a genius! 

Einstein has nothing on this guy. He’ll do anything for a slice of pizza!

Dog Photo
u/Detective51 / Via

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