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Get out there with your dog and socialize!

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Tired of watching Netflix? Nothing positive to read in the newspapers? Got a dog? Does your pup need to be socialized? Do YOU need to socialize? Meet others like you! Just download our free mobile app and connect with other people and their dogs. Determine a time and place to meet and head on out! Don’t just look at cute photos of dogs (we’ve got lots of those too, so you still can!), get out there and MEET them! Rub their fluffy faces, hike some dog friendly trails with a new pal or two or twenty, and enjoy the outdoors. You’ll feel better, get more active and healthy – and so will your furbaby!

You don’t need anything other than a love of dogs to participate. Browse through and find people in your area or organize dog walking trails and adventures and get on the move with your dog! Just grab a pair of comfy shoes, some poopie bags and lots of water, pick a destination and you’re set to go! If you can’t find a match in your area, schedule an event of your own and see who’s willing to make the trek out to join you! Best of all, our app is totally free to use!

We’ll be rolling out our new event scheduling features soon – stay tuned!

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