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How to Recognize Cruelty Against a Dog

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Written by a myDoggySocial Foster Dogmom who is active with dog rescues

The world is full of diverse people who have different ideas and thoughts. Although it sounds absurd, some people do not consider animal abuse as something wrong. According to the web page of the American Association of Veterinary Medicine, data showed that 3,200 cases of animal abuse were reported in 2017 alone. Unfortunately, experts foresee numbers of reported animal cruelty to increase the following years. Perhaps in our daily life, we don’t pay enough attention to what happens in our surroundings. Just by noticing the following signs of an abused dog, you may be able to change the life of a mistreated dog.

 The first thing we can notice is the dog’s physique, at first glance we can identify:

  1. Overly tight collar that has caused a neck injury or embedded in the pet’s neck
  2. Open wounds, signs of multiple healed injuries, or an ongoing, untreated illness or injury
  3. Untreated skin problems
  4. Emaciation or extreme thinness, bones may be visible
  5. Hair infested with fleas, ticks, or other parasites
  6. Scaly rash spots
  7. Signs of improper grooming, such as extreme hair tangles, overgrown nails, and dirty hair
  8. Weakness, limp or inability to stand or walk normally
  9. Excessive discharge from the eyes or nose
  10. An owner physically beating or mistreating an animal in any way
  11. Visible signs of confusion or extreme drowsiness

Another way to identify abuse in a dog is by looking at the environment it is in. And what kinds of things you can observe?

  1. Pets are tied up outside alone for long periods
  2. Not enough food or water or with unhealthy food or water
  3. Pets are kept outside in severe weather without access to adequate shelter
  4. Pets are kept in a dirty area with feces, trash, broken glass, or other objects that could injure them
  5. Animals live in kennels or cages

You can be the hero in a dog’s life. If you notice these signs, never ignore them. Once you are sure and identified any sign of animal abuse, be sure to call the authorities to remove the pet from said situation. We all deserve second chances in life; we are sure this dog will forever be grateful towards you. Be the hero our dogs need; let their voices be heard, and together let’s change the life of man’s best friend in need.


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