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Hyperkeratosis – Dog Paw Pads and Nose

Dog Labrador Paw With Pads On A Light Carpet. Black Labrador Puppy Sleeping In Her Bed
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What is hyperkeratosis in dogs? It is a skin condition that causes dog paw pads or dog noses to thicken or grow extra skin. This causes the skin to become dry, cracked and crusty and can be painful or uncomfortable for your dog since it becomes extra sensitive in the affected area.

Dogs naturally produce keratin, which is a fibrous protein, but when they produce more than they need, the resulting affliction is termed hyperkeratosis. It can be caused by genetic conditions, age, allergies, lack of moisture or exposure to toxins such as carpet cleaners or garden sprays. Sometimes it can even be caused by regular exercising and playing on rough, cold, iced or hot surfaces.

What does hyperkeratosis look like in dogs?

Hyperkeratosis Dog Nose:

Hyperkeratosis Dog Paw Pads:

How do I treat Hyperkeratosis in my dog's paw pads or nose?

There is no cure right now for hyperkeratosis dog paw pads or hyperkeratosis dog nose, but there are some things you can do to help treat hyperkeratosis in dogs.

  • Talk to your vet and have them remove the excess skin
  • Get your vet to teach you how to remove the excess skin. Don’t ever do this on your own without training by your vet, as this could cause further injury if you do it wrong or hold your dog improperly.
  • Get treatment from your vet for the underlying cause of your dog’s hyperkeratosis paw pads or hyperkeratosis nose. Your vet may recommend zinc supplements or immunosuppressive drugs.
  • Create a doggy spa at home. Turn on the steam in the shower and allow the moisture to soften their dry, cracked paws.
  • Use a dog paw pad butter balm or ointment a few times a day to help your dog’s paw pads heal.
  • Protect your dog’s paw pads with dog footwear when they go outside.
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