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Dog Health Q&A

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You love your dog, and ensuring their health is at its best is your top priority. We’re excited to introduce our site vet LizTheVet to myDoggySocial’s team this month! LizTheVet is a licensed veterinary physician (DVM) who is available to field your questions and address common dog health issues. She’ll be providing a weekly post here at the Dog Health Corner beginning this month. Please note that she will NOT diagnose your dog (it is best to take your dog to your own vet so they can physically examine them and determine if anything is medically wrong), but she can address common reasons for symptoms that your dog may be exhibiting and she may prompt you to take your dog to your vet. Feel free to ask any questions concerning dog health, even if you’re just curious about how a certain part of their body functions. Her articles will focus on conventional, traditional veterinary science and updates regarding the latest technology and scientific trends in vet care.


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