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Lawyer Allegedly Throws Wife’s Dogs From Balcony – Claims She Loved Them More Than Him.

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Jerald Jeske yelled “You love your dogs more than you love me”, as he tossed two elderly small Chihuahuas from a second story balcony in Chicago this past Christmas eve.

The Illinois attorney, 51, who works for a Houston energy trading firm, allegedly threw his wife’s dogs over a balcony while they were arguing, claiming that his wife loved them more than she loved him. One of the dogs, the older 17 year old Chihuahua, died, according to police. The other 14 year old Chihuahua ran off and has still not been found.

The officers answered a domestic battery call. Jeske had apparently argued with his wife of 18 months in a car returning to her home, in the 1200 block of West Grand Avenue, from a Christmas party. A few blocks from the house, his wife told Jeske to get out of the car. He refused. He had slapped her twice, taken her keys and then went into the home after telling her, “I’m going to kill those dogs”, according to authorities. Prosecutor Erin Antonietti described the events, stating that Jeske then locked the door behind him. His wife managed to retrieve a spare key from a neighbor, and heard one of her dogs screeching in the back yard. It was the older Chihuahua, on the ground, still breathing but bleeding badly. One eye was dislodged from its socket, the prosecutor said. Jeske’s wife carried the dog to its bed, where it died shortly after police arrived. Jeske’s wife also had a German Shepherd which appeared unharmed.

Jeske’s wife had home surveillance cameras inside the home that captured Jeske throwing the animals out of the back door, according to a Chicago paper. Jeske was arrested and charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, according to the Chicago Police Department spokesman, Howard Ludwig. Jeske’s bail conditions ban him from having any contact with his wife or with animals.

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