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Pit bull attack – kills Beagle in Petsmart. Expert weighs in on attack

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Pit Bull Attack: A pit bull owner lost control of her dog in the store parking lot of a Petsmart located in Saginaw Township, Michigan. It attacked a beagle Tuesday afternoon, (July 3rd, 2018 just before 2pm according to Police Chief Donald F. Pussehl) and the beagle died of its injuries.


The pit bull’s owner eventually separated the two dogs, and was bitten by her own pit bull while intervening. Both dogs were on leashes. The owner of the beagle rushed her dog to a veterinary clinic within the store, but the dog could not be saved.

The owner has been ticketed for violating the township’s vicious dog ordinance.

PetSmart’s Senior Manager, Public Relations Melissa Wenzel issued a statement:

We were made aware of an unfortunate dog altercation that occurred outside of our Saginaw store on Tuesday, July 3. We are deeply saddened by the loss of Gretta as a result of the incident that took place in the parking lot and our thoughts are with her pet parents during this difficult time.

We’ve addressed the psychology of breed fear in a previous article – Got a ‘Mean Dog’ – The Psychology of Breed Stereotypes – Breeding Fear

What do you think about pit bulls and the recent blanket bans on the breed?

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1 thought on “Pit bull attack – kills Beagle in Petsmart. Expert weighs in on attack”

  1. Pit bulls are bred to attack other dogs. End of story. They should be banned. How many other dog breeds do you hear about that even attack their own owners when these types of stories go around?

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