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Pug mugshot posted by Police – bail was paid in cookies

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The Cape May N.J. Police Department found a pug named Bean on Sunday. The pooch was found by Patrolman Michael LeSage in a yard. Apparently the dog had tried to hop into his police car, but her little legs were too short and she needed to be lifted in.


The police department posted a photo of the pug on Facebook with the caption “This is what happens when you run away from home.”


Within a few hours, Bean’s owners were able to find her. The happy pooch was taken home and enjoying life again. Her owner Hadley Hubbard of Baltimore, Maryland, thanked the police and posted that Bean was sound asleep after running around.

Bean posted her bail in cookies, according to subsequent posts:


pug named Bean. Bail paid in cookies.


We’re glad that Bean was able to get back to her home safe and sound!

Did you know?

Pugs are one of three types of short-nosed dogs that are known to have been bred by the Chinese: The Lion Dog, the Pekingese and the Lo-sze, which was the ancient Pug. Evidence of pug-like dogs dates back to ancient times in Tibet and Japan. Pugs have a distinctly wrinkly, short-muzzled face and a curled tail. Legend has it that the Chinese prized the wrinkles on their pug’s faces because they resembled good luck symbols in their language. Especially prized were pugs that had wrinkles that seemed to form the word for “prince” in Chinese, especially if the mark was formed by three wrinkles with a vertical bar. This was termed “The Prince Mark” (or thumb mark).

They adapt very well to apartment living and are excellent dogs for novice owners. They don’t like being alone for extended periods of times and are not too tolerant of cold or extremely hot weather. Highly affectionate and very kid-friendly, they make excellent pets. Their flat faces make them prone to breathing and dental problems and they have been known to shed quite a bit.

Pugs are generally bred as companion dogs, they are clowns at heart but carry themselves with dignity. They’re fun loving and playful!


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