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Riverside, California man intentionally runs over dog with car multiple times

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Sheriff’s investigators are looking for a man seen in a video that was circulating online showing a driver intentionally running over a dog multiple times on Sunday April 12, 2020, apparently in Riverside California.

The horrifying video shows a black mercedes with license plate number 8DGD839 backing over the injured dog, stopping his car on the dog screaming in agony and then slowly driving forward. A bystander who took the video reported that this happened multiple times.

There were several bystanders visible around the dog and the car, but nobody appeared to be taking any action to stop the man or to save the dog. It is unclear as yet why exactly the man did it.

“We are aware of this incident and are currently investigating it,” the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement posted via social media.

If you have any information relating to the incident, call the Riverside Police Department at 951-354-2007

WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO, VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED. Do not visit the link unless you are absolutely sure that you want to – there is blood, and the dog was alive at the time:

A copy of the video has been posted by The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation.


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