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One of the effects of the coronavirus COV19 pandemic shelter in place rules is that dogs now have their owners and family members to themselves for a lot longer than they usually do. Once their owners head back to work and school, these dogs will naturally experience varying degrees of separation anxiety. Wondering how to keep your dog stimulated and how to alleviate some of their separation anxiety when no one’s home? Have no worries, you have the option of Dog TV!

Dog TV touts that it’s channel is “scientifically developed and pup approved”. Mr. Gilad Neumann, the CEO of the Dog TV company says that the channel is suitable for canines because there is no content that scares, irritates or stresses the dog – for example, no loud or sudden noises, no violent images of animals killing and no irritating and loud commercials.

They offer a free trial. Their site states the following:

“Dog TV is the only technology created for dogs with sights and sounds scientifically designed to enrich your dog’s environment” With programs of Relaxation, Stimulation & Exposure, your dog is sure to be relaxed and entertained”.

The programs are developed from over 60+ scientific studies – this isn’t your run of the mill television program. The content is dog friendly and geared towards dogs and their well-being.

Ron Levi, a co-founder of the channel, said that he came up with the concept originally because of his cat, “I just felt guilty leaving him by himself every day for so many hours and I thought I need to do something”. Yes, there’s was a free Cat TV for cats on Amazon Prime, which streamed squirrels and birds for your feline friends’s entertainment needs. However, the program appears to not be available at this time.

One of the more interesting reasons to use Dog TV is to gently expose your dogs to sounds like car rides and vacuum cleaners. Other calming scenes and soothing sounds keep your dog relaxed and take their minds off the fact that they’re home alone. Dogs, and especially young puppies, are known to experience separation anxiety when their owners leave them alone while they go to work or school. This often leads to destructive behavior such as excessive chewing.

Ever used Dog TV? Drop us a note in the comments and let us know your thoughts about it!

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