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Westminster Dog Show 2018 Winner – Flynn the Bichon Frise is Top Dog

2018-02-14 18_52_15-Westminster Dog Show (@WKCDOGS) _ Twitter
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Flynn led the pack and came out as top dog out of 2,882 competitors representing 202 breeds. The tiny little fluffy guy, with cheeks you want to squeeze all day, won 2018 Westminster Best in Show, a striking contrast as compared to last year’s winner, a majestic German Shepherd Dog named Rumor.

His handler, Bill McFadden (who has been showing the breed since 1991 at the Westminster Dog Show) was pleasantly surprised, “It feels a little unreal, I came in expecting nothing and just hoping for a good performance and I think I got it.” The winner was selected by Betty-Anne Stenmark, a veteran judge who has bred Saint Bernards, Salukis and Dandie Dinmont terriers.


Not everyone appears to be happy for Flynn, however: A crowd favourite, a pug named Biggie, had fans in the audience chanting his name before the winner was announced – and were stunned into silence when Flynn was declared the winner.


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