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Toy poodle named Sesame – groomed into a perfect round fluff ball

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A toy poodle named Sesame has become an internet sensation after being groomed into a round little fluff ball. The groomer, Yoriko Hamachiyo, has mastered the craft of transforming dogs into perfectly round shapes – a style that is trending overseas.

You could easily confuse Sesame for a cotton ball. She’s smiling in photos on her Instagram account and doesn’t seem to mind her balloon-like styled fur. In fact, she’s got tens of thousands of followers asking for more photos, which she obligingly poses for:

Check out that adorable booty shot:


Let’s get a look at that side profile. Those teeny little legs sticking out are so cute:


Here’s the toy poodle named Sesame with a bright smile:


Her groomer, Yoriko Hamachiyo, has groomed several other dogs to perfection. Let’s check some of them out:


Check out this before and after shot:


Another amazing transformation:



Dog Grooming History

The Elizabethan era provided clues to the earliest historical evidence of dog grooming. Dog grooming is an ancient art form that began in some forms thousands of years ago. Grooming each other has been observed in many species to be a bonding experience, and it often denotes caring and closeness. It is quite possible that early primitive humans may have “groomed” their early wolf-dogs in gratitude for the protection they offered their family, with the dogs also being provided with better food and shelter.

The earliest historical records of actual dog groomers as a profession are seen in the Middle Ages where ‘kennel boys’ working on feudal estates in Europe maintained the herding and hunting dogs for their noble lords – this would include brushing their teeth, combing and clipping their fur. These dogs were beneficial in hunting vermin and game, in herding and working. Their value required caretakers and groomers who were primarily serving a very practical need.

Dog grooming’s evolution into an art form could be seen in the 16th century in France, usually with Poodles. The evolution of dogs into ‘pets’ in the Middle Ages was also a result of the “Upper Class” displaying their status in social hierarchy, as the wealthy were able to care for and maintain these dogs as “pets” kept indoors, rather than as working dogs with any practical use – their dogs were a very symbolic representation of their higher social status.

Vocational educational grooming schools showed up in North America as early as the 1960’s, with many grooming text books and videos also poppingup.

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